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Get A Jump On Winterizing Your Car

November 5th, 2015
auto repair in Attleboro, MAIf you’ve been living in New England for very long, you know what the winters are like here…”cold,” “tough” and “unforgiving” are three words that quickly spring to mind. At New England Tire Car Care Centers, we’re big believers in getting out in front of winter and getting your car ready to roll before the weather gets rough. Here are some great ideas to get a jump on winter: 
  • Battery: Ever notice how so many batteries do not last until the end of their warranty? That’s because cold weather is really tough on a car’s battery. In sub-freezing weather, the chemical process that goes on in your battery slows down considerably. At 5 degrees F, your battery has less than half its rated cranking power. When you bear in mind that motor oil is thicker in cold weather, putting more stress on a battery just to turn the engine over, it’s easy to understand how the cold is the enemy of your battery. Make sure that your battery cables are snug and that there’s no buildup of corrosion on the posts and clamps, and have your battery checked for cranking power.
  • Wipers and Fluid: Even the best wipers are only good for about a year. Between the sun’s UV rays and normal wear, the elements take their toll on the rubber. Check the wipers for cracks, splits, chunks or strips of rubber peeling away. Also make sure your washer reservoir is always filled with good-quality washer fluid, and remember that a coat or two of RainX can make your wipers’ job much easier. 
  • Motor Oil: Newer formulations of motor oil aren’t as prone to the changes in viscosity according to temperature, but they do still become somewhat thicker in extreme cold, reducing their ability to make it to all moving parts quickly. This might be a good time to consider switching to a good synthetic; synthetic oils are not as prone to thicken in cold weather
  • Tires: Be sure to check your tire pressure and condition all around, and possibly invest in a set of winter tires. Just remember once it warms up again, that winter tires shouldn’t be driven when temperatures rise above 40 degrees. 
  • Cooling System: Your coolant should be a 50/50 mix of antifreeze and distilled water. Get a look at the coolant; it should be bright green, or with some newer formulations, pink, orange or gold. Is it discolored, dirty or showing signs of rust? Then it’s time for a cooling system flush (check your service intervals). 
  • Trouble Bag: It’s always, always a good idea to have an emergency kit for winter. You should consider a first-aid kit, a blanket, sweater, flashlight, jumper cables, protein-rich snacks, a tow strap, a sharp knife and maybe a multi-tool, flares or triangles and perhaps a cheap, fully-charged flip phone. 
The last thing you want this winter is to be stranded somewhere when the snow’s coming down and the temperatures are plunging. Don’t wait until the last minute – schedule an appointment at New England Tire Car Care Centers in Attleboro, Mansfield, Seekonk, and Northboro, Ma and Warwick, RI,  and let us make sure your car’s ready for the rigors of winter driving. 
Get A Jump On Winterizing Your Car was written by of New England Tire
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